Stepfamilies, or “blended” families, as they are sometimes called now, have their own unique set of challenges. Bringing together two individual lives into a marriage is not easy. When children on either or both sides are added into the equation, things can get really complicated! Nevertheless, there are healthy stepfamilies out there, and with a little preparation and communication, yours can be one of them.

PreStep – Premarital training for couples starting a stepfamily – Hyland Heights Baptist Church.

Call the church for times. This class is specifically designed for divorced parents who are planning to get remarried. The cost is $60.00 per couple which includes 2 workbooks, PREPARE MC premarital inventory and a copy of the Stepfamily Survival Guide. The class lasts for 12 weeks. Anyone may come from the community or other churches.

Video Series
Designing Dynamic Stepfamilies – by Gordon and Carri Taylor
Gordon and Carri Taylor are leading experts on stepfamilies, having helped start several Stepfamily Support Groups. Now you can learn from their wisdom by working through their brand new Video Series called “Designing Dynamic Stepfamilies”. This is great for both a group setting and for individual couples/families to watch. Both Christian and secular (non-religious) versions are available. For more information, visit their website at

Recommended Readings
How to Win as a Stepfamily – by Emily & John Visher 
A best-selling clearly-written, optimistic handbook for prospective and current stepfamilies providing solid information, practical suggestions and comforting support. Relationships old and new are explored with telling examples and sensible advice. A real must-read!

The Smart Stepfamily: Seven Steps to a Healthy Family – by Ron L. Deal 
“Ron Deal has given the church and stepfamilies a real gem. Ron compassionately and competently describes the spiritual and relational challenges facing stepfamilies. He provides practical and wise instruction for successfully navigating the stepfamily journey. The Smart Stepfamily is the best book available for stepfamilies that I’ve seen. I’m convinced it will prove to be a valuable resource for stepfamilies. Buy it, read it, and share it with a friend.” – from the review by Dennis Rainey, Executive Director, FamilyLife