Union_28Union28 is a company that promotes strong marriages. The amount of advertising one is exposed to daily is mind-boggling. In the midst of a culture that uses clothing as a vital instrument of advertisement, Union28 uses this tool to send a positive message about marriage. Compass and Union28 are in the battle together to fight for healthy marriages and families. Marriage is sometimes difficult, and the couple that started Union28 understands that truth. Greg and Latonya went through some tough times in their own marriage and decided to start this company to reach out and encourage others in an area where they have personally experienced struggle. They use the power of positive thinking with slogans such as “my wife rocks.” Love is an action and choosing to think and talk positively about your spouse helps you to love them despite their failures.

Union28 has a beautiful ministry in encouraging love and perseverance in marriage through apparel. We encourage you to demonstrate your love for your spouse by wearing a positive message from Union28. Let the world know that your spouse rocks!

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