A safe place for couples to have fun and enrich their marriage amidst the rising flood of economic, family, and personal stress.


Ever feel like it will never stop raining?
Maintaining a healthy marriage is challenging even in the best of times. But sometimes life can be overwhelming due to financial or health problems, relationship issues, or a just a flood of obligations and responsibilities. In those circumstances, it can be tough to keep your head above water. But you don’t have to paddle alone! There are many other couples in the same boat.

Having fun together helps marriages stay healthy.
One of the best ways to help keep a marriage healthy is to HAVE FUN! 2×2 is an event where you can meet and have fun with other healthy couples. Activities may include games, videos, fun sports, outdoor stuff, great conversation, and of course, eating.

2×2: The Noah Project can help you keep your marriage afloat.
In addition to having fun, the Noah Project helps couples enhance their marriage by improving their relationship and coping skills and learning more about the concepts and attitudes that are associated with healthy marriages. In an informal and friendly group setting, couples can ask questions and get practical, real-life answers that work to keep a marriage alive and thriving. They will learn from each other and from a qualified group leader about:

  • how to talk so your spouse really hears and understands you
  • how to work through differences without ending up in a fight
  • how to maintain and even increase intimacy and romance
  • how to approach problem solving as a team
  • how to strengthen your commitment to each other and to the relationship
  • and anything else you want to know about making marriage work!

Events are scheduled at various times and places. If you or someone you know is interested, contact us today for details and get on board!

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