Have you ever considered the benefits of being in a healthy marriage? They are many. There’s a good reason why marriage has always been the gold standard of relationships, and why governments and societies for thousands of years have protected and preserved this institution.

For Women, Men and Children

Researchers* have found many benefits for men, women and children who are in healthy marriages, compared to those in unhealthy marriages.  All three groups – men, women and children – tend to be:

  1. Physically healthier
  2. Emotionally healthier
  3. Economically better off; less likely to live in poverty; wealthier
  4. Less likely to attempt or commit suicide
  5. Less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol
  6. Less likely to contract STD’s
  7. Less likely to be victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or other violent crimes
  8. And they have better, more satisfying relationships within the family (parents with children, children with parents, husband and wife with each other)

For Children and Youth

In addition to those benefits, children and youth raised in healthy marriage homes are:

  1. More likely to succeed academically and to attend college
  2. Less likely to demonstrate behavioral problems in school
  3. Less likely to be a victim of physical or sexual abuse
  4. Less likely to commit delinquent behaviors
  5. Less likely to get divorced when they get married
  6. Less likely to become pregnant as a teenager, or impregnate someone.
  7. Less likely to be sexually active as teenagers

For Men

In addition to the benefits mentioned in the first section above, men in healthy marriage relationships tend to have:

  1. Greater longevity (they live longer)
  2. More stable employment and higher wages
  3. A more satisfying sexual relationship
  4. Lower likelihood of committing violent crimes

For Communities

Benefits of healthy marriages for the community as a whole include:

  1. Higher rates of physically and emotionally healthy citizens
  2. Higher rates of educated citizens
  3. Lower crime statistics
  4. Lower rates of juvenile delinquency
  5. Lower teen pregnancy rates
  6. Lower domestic violence rates
  7. Higher rates of home ownership
  8. Higher property values
  9. Lower rates of migration (people moving in and out of the area)
  10. Decreased need for social services

*Source: Administration for Children & Families

If your marriage is not as healthy as you’d like it to be, or if you are considering marriage and would like to make sure you get started off on the right foot, please contact us – we can help!