Our Values:

1. Healthy marriage is an attainable ideal and is characterized by mutual love, respect, trust, faithfulness and support, along with effective communication and conflict resolution skills.

2. Domestic violence in any form is unacceptable and is never part of a healthy marriage.

3. Healthy marriages provide significant benefits for both the couple and their children, as well as for the entire community.

4. There is no perfect marriage – all marriages encounter problems and can be strengthened and improved regardless of their current state.

5. Marriage and relationship education is an important and effective means for helping couples to form and sustain healthy marriages and families.

6. In order to form and sustain healthy marriages, it is important for a couple to allow adequate time to develop the relationship (at least one to two years) before committing to marriage.

7. Thorough premarital preparation can significantly increase the likelihood that a couple will develop a healthy marriage and should be a priority for engaged couples.

8. Cohabitation before marriage brings higher risks of marital distress and divorce, and is not conducive to forming a healthy marriage relationship.

9. Spirituality is an important dimension of a healthy marriage, although it may take a variety of forms in different faith traditions.

10. Revitalizing marriage in our community involves a cultural change that will require collaborative relationships among many individuals and organizations to increase awareness of and access to marriage and relationship education resources