What is Compass Marriage and Relationship Services? 

Compass Marriage and Relationship Services (CMRS) is a faith-based nonprofit organization that strengthens marriages and families by providing training and resources in premarital preparation, marriage education and relationship skills, and supporting other efforts to promote and maintain a positive marriage culture in the community. We are nonpartisan and nonsectarian. We are an Associate Ministry of Patrick Henry Family Services in Lynchburg VA. (www.patrickhenry.org)

What does Compass do?  

We are all about healthy marriages and relationships. Our goal is to help couples build strong, long-lasting, healthy marriages and families. We provide training, presentations, workshops and retreats for singles, couples, pastors, counselors and human services professionals on a variety of marriage and relationship topics designed to help people build healthy, satisfying relationships. We do not offer counseling or therapy, but some of our partners do, and we are able to provide recommendations if necessary. However, we do work with couples privately to provide coaching and training in communication, conflict resolution, and problem solving.

Why was Compass formed? 

It was formed in response to the increasing pressures on marriage and family in our culture – pressures which have led to high rates of divorce, unwed births, cohabitation, lack of parental responsibility, breakdown in family communication, and so on. We know what factors contribute to these negative outcomes, and there are well-documented methods that can reduce those factors and teach people the skills they need to begin and maintain strong, healthy marriages.

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21129 Timberlake Road, Lynchburg VA 24502-7229

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General Information: info@betterlove.org

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